Hey Court–

You have to realize, the harder I try to convince you that I’m the right person for the job, the crazier I end up sounding. So, with that said, here I go.

What you really need.

Aside from understanding what it is you truly need and being able to deliver amazing results, this is a project I couldn’t be more passionate about. After reading and rereading your blog post about needing a web designer, it’s clear that what you need is more than just a web designer. You need someone to manage your brand, Kurt’s brand, and Nirvana’s brand across the internet and all its forms of new media. But even more importantly, as you mentioned in the post, you need to protect your family and your assets. To do that, you need someone who you can trust, above all else, to produce the quality results that these brands demand in order for them to flourish. Someone who will do it right.

So, why am I right for the job?

I pride myself on my ability to see my client’s vision, as well as my ability to communicate and clarify that vision, arriving at a masterpiece. I enjoy leading or working with a team to promote innovation. But, when it comes down to it, there’s only one reason to work with me:


I hate talking business. All I care about is happiness. I want to give you exactly what you want. Bottom line. All you have to remember is the happier you make me, the happier I will make you. I’m all about karma. I’m loyal, reliable, responsible, accountable, exciting, passionate, and fun. You can ask anybody, talk to anyone, run any kind of check. I’m a good boy.

What about my work?

You’re looking at some of it. I specialize in the world’s premier blogging software, WordPress. My favorite web designers include Nick La, Miguel Ripoll, and Jason Santa Maria.

Endless ideas about how to improve upon the radiohead paradigm almost left me unable to type this message.

If you really want to talk, call me or email me or whatever. I want to start yesterday.

Evan Stein
516.781.5843 home
516.532.8885 cell

I feel like I’m destined to do this.