As a zero-gravity consultant, Evan Stein advises companies and individuals on any creative aspect, providing a complete package of services at surprisingly affordable rates. If you want to do something extraordinary— he’s your man.

On the questionable existence of Evan Stein

An autodidact and occasional recluse who frequently finds himself torn between MTV and TED, Evan Stein is an artist who has been (amongst many other things) lurking the depths of the internet and building websites since 1994. When he isn’t glued to the computer, Evan is passionate about taking pictures, creating art, and rocking out. He can be heard singing and playing guitar with oneiric, his old band.

By way of Canarsie

Born in Brooklyn, in the dark of a new moon in 1982, Evan spent many years as a Taurus, though he has recently come to learn he is actually an Aries. Evan is a t-shirt and jeans, animal loving kind of guy who now lives in New York with his lady and suffers from mild cases of Synesthesia, Hypergraphia, and The Human Condition.

And finally, a little bit about this site

In its current incarnation, this experiment of a website is proudly powered by WordPress, a few great plugins, and a custom Thematic child theme. Built as a modest example of what can be accomplished using open source code, images, icons, and fonts from the public domain, along with a little bit of creativity; many thanks are owed to the brilliant people whose exceptional work and generosity made putting this site together a breeze, whether they know it or not.

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