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Hmm? What Dream?

I went to sleep, like many nights, telling myself that I would wake up and immediately document my dreams here. Of course, I didn’t remember any of my dreams this morning, but I figured I’d still make an effort. Trying to recall them now hasn’t worked. It’s almost as if my mind heard me tell myself that I was going to show my dreams to the world, and it decided it wasn’t going to let that happen. As usual though, I did wake up feeling like I had been busy with something.

The Strong, Silent Type

I guess it was the media that put it into my head that people like the strong, silent type. In reality though, it seems that most people don’t like silence. Either way, as a man of few words (most of the time) blogging can be tricky. So, instead of designing, developing, redesigning, and rebuilding this space again, I’m going to try to actually add some content. Here goes nothing (hopefully, not literally).

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