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Broken Lock

I meant to record my dream much earlier, but the day got away from me. I don’t remember much about it at this point, other than it took place in the house that I grew up in, in Brooklyn, and that I was fiddling around with a part of the deadbolt lock which popped off. I was trying to jam it back on while twisting to get it to fit back on the part it had broken off of. Not sure if I had any luck or not.

Hmm? What Dream?

I went to sleep, like many nights, telling myself that I would wake up and immediately document my dreams here. Of course, I didn’t remember any of my dreams this morning, but I figured I’d still make an effort. Trying to recall them now hasn’t worked. It’s almost as if my mind heard me tell myself that I was going to show my dreams to the world, and it decided it wasn’t going to let that happen. As usual though, I did wake up feeling like I had been busy with something.

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